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This package comprising of three (3) units provides the essential skills and knowledge for those wanting to seek employment in the hospitality industry.
The three (3) units of this program are part of the nationally accredited SIT Hospitality Training package, the training package and the units are recognised throughout Australia.

  The Hospitality Essential Skills units are:
Liquor Control Victoria, (LCV), (formerly VGCCC) – RSA training

  SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol

The LCV, (formerly VGCCC), as of October 2020 has adopted a national approach in the delivery of the RSA program. The LCV has adopted the unit of competency SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol from the SIT Training Package, making it a nationally accredited unit.

iVET, provides delivery of this unit online, using our quality audio/visual learning resources with full access to an accredited industry Trainer.

 Upon completion you will attain the LCV – RSA Certificate of completion which is what is required to meet the Victorian laws in regarding to selling, supply and serve alcohol. In addition to this Certificate, you will receive a Statement of attainment for the completion of the nationally accredited unit
SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol.

 – Level 1 Food Hygiene Course (as per Victorian Food hygiene regulations)
SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safetySIT training package.

The Food Hygiene Course will cover:
– Following hygiene procedures and identify food hazards
– Report any personal health issues
– Prevent food contamination
– Prevent cross contamination by washing hands

Level 1 Food hygiene has no pre requisite.

Although Level 1 – SITXFSA005 Use hygiene practices for food safety is a compulsory prerequisite should you wish to complete

Level 2 SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling practices

Both Level 1 & 2 are nationally accredited units and courses and are recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand.

 Upon successfully completing this course you will receive a Statement of Attainment L1 Food hygiene course: SITXFSA005 Use hygiene practices for food safety.

– Provide table service of food and beverage.
SITHFAB034 Provide table service of food and beverageSIT training package:
– Prepare restaurant for service
– Provide food and beverage advice to customers
– Serve and clear meal
– Serve and clear alcoholic beverages
– Work co-operatively as part of the service team

This unit provides a wide skills and knowledge base for food and beverage service which in turn can be adapted/modified for the venue’s requirements.
The cornerstones of service such as hygiene, safety and skills is built into the unit.
In the completion of this course a site visit may be required, However, this can be discussed as and if required.

Upon successfully completing this course you will receive a Statement of Attainment SITHFAB034 Provide table service of food and beverage, recognised throughout Victoria and New Zealand.
– Course process.
Enrolment is completed online through our website – https://www.ivet.vic.edu.au
A copy of a form of ID that suits you e.g., Driver’s License (both sides of the License is required), Passport.

Payment is via our website.
You will require a USI – Unique Student identifier, this is required as the units above are all nationally accredited courses/units. Commonwealth government requires the use of a USI to issue nationally accredited qualifications.

All resources and materials are provided online.

The course materials have been professionally developed for online participation and are designed so that information is provided in parcels for internet viewing and interaction.

At all times throughout the course/s, support is available from our industry experienced Trainers via email and / or mobile. If alternative support is required, it can be discussed and organised.
For all the courses, the assessments are provided online and to be submitted online via your course portal. Unless other arrangements are discussed.
The assessment requirements are a mix of Multiple choice, Short answer questions, Role plays/ Case studies and where required a site visit, to be discussed when required. When required, precise feedback is provided for your ease of completion.
Very important to remember, you will always have the support and feedback provided from start to finish.

  Price for the package: $230. 

– A reasonably sound and efficient internet.
– Computer, Laptop or iPAD/Tablet (iPADs & Tablets have their limitations)

A mobile phone is inadequate.
Course Enquires & Enrolments: Phone: 03 9778 9555 | Mobile: 0414 976 283

Email: jack@ivet.vic.edu.au



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