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Please tell us about your training. Your feedback plays an important role in developing the quality of your education. In this questionnaire, the term ‘training’ refers to learning experiences with Institute of Vocational Education and Training. The term ‘trainer’ refers to trainers, teachers, lecturers or instructors from Institute of Vocational Education and Training. Provide one response to each item on the form

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Learner Questionnaire - About your training

Your Training Course

Sufficient information is available to you on our website prior to enrolment.

The enrolment process is prompt

The information provided upon enrolment was informative and instructive

At the time of enrolment, did you have any concerns, if so, please comment.

Instructions for the course material was informative

The course material is structured in an easy to follow format.

I was provided with enough resources to achieve assessment outcomes.

The review of submitted work was prompt with informative feedback provided.

The course resources prepared me for the workplace

How would you rate your IT capability

Access to the course material was timely.

Course platform is easy to navigate.

There was no or little IT problems.

If there was IT problem, support was prompt.

Your Trainer was accessible.

The Trainer encouraged you to ask questions.

The Trainer made it clear from the start what was expected.

The Trainer's feedback was clear and precise