Terms and Conditions

The Client and/or Learner declare that the information given to all questions are truthful to the best of their knowledge. It is understood by the Client and/or Learner, that the details supplied by them in the enrolment questions are confidential and are protected by the relevant privacy laws. The Client and/or Learner give their consent

to i.V.E.T to release their name, date of birth, contact details and statistical information to the relevant State and Federal Government bodies for the purpose of auditing, regulation of training, obtaining feedback and as statistical information. The Client and/or Learner declare that they have read, understood and agree with the following:
– All enrolments are confirmed in writing before the course starts, giving details of the course commencement. In the unlikely event the Client and/or Learner do not receive confirmation of a course prior to the commencement date, please contact i.V.E.T immediately.


The primary purpose of collecting personal information that the Client and/or Learner supplied in the enrolment process is to process their enrolment and for government reporting. i.V.E.T may also use these details of the Client and/or Learner to keep you informed of upcoming events and will not disclose the information to a third party.  

For more details of i.V.E.T’s Privacy Policy please contact the Director of i.V.E.T


Prior to a Learner enrolling, fees may be altered. Once the Learner has completed enrolment and the Client and/or Learner has signed the agreement, fees will not be subject to change for the normal duration of the course. If the course length is extended by the Client and/or Learner a fee increase and payment may apply.


Refund requests must be in writing, signed and dated by Client and/or Learner and delivered to the Institute in person, mailed letter or PDF email.
Clients and/or Learners who withdraw from the course prior to the commencement of the course maybe entitled to a part refund. Refunds are provided on a sliding scale determined by the amount of notice provided.

Refer to the Client Handbook for a detailed explanation.

 Short course refunds are not provided once you have started the course and/or five (5) days have passed.

– MISSED PAYMENTS – (if applicable)

Clients and/or Learners who do not make the instalments by the due date will be

suspended until the missed instalment payment is made. If the missed instalment is not made within thirty days, the matter will be referred to a collection agency.

It is advised if payment becomes an issue, please discuss with i.V.E.T before it escalates.

  – COLLECTION FEES – (if applicable)

By signing the enrolment form it is acknowledged that the Client and/or Learner will be liable for all collection fees and charges should non-payment of i.V.E.T’sinvoices/s result in the matter being handed to a Debt Collection Agency.



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